What Makes Mention a Great Social Media Monitoring Tool?

What is Mention? Why should you invest in the Mention monitoring tool? Is it cost-effective? Mention is a popular social media mentions and web monitoring tool. Mention is certainly worth your money since it offers many advanced features. It will help users to generate leads and build relationships. It can help to maintain and protect the reputation of users as well. Let’s know more about Mention and what makes it worth exploring.

What Is Mention?

Mention is a social media monitoring tool. From the name itself, you might have realized that it helps to monitor the web and social media. By using this tool, you will be informed when someone will use your brand, your name, or your targeted keywords online. It can be perfect for beginners since it comes with an easy to use to interface.

Mention monitoring tool will spot when somebody will mention your brand or your name instantly. You can go for instant notifications or daily summary depending on your convenience. Mention will help you with daily summary alerts on any specific day. You can track the people and know what they are saying about your brand online. When someone will have any negative review, you can respond immediately to win the trust. Yes, you can track your competitors as well. All these are going to make a difference for sure.

What Are Mention’s Plans?

Mention is known for offering a cost-effective solution to its users. You can go with the free version. The free version will enable users to track around five hundred mentions for a month with up to three search terms. If you are interested to use advanced features, you can consider Solo Plan. You will have to spend $29 per month. It is reasonable compared to its competitors.

The plan will enable users to track up to 3,000 mentions every month. They will also be allowed to get two basic alerts. It can be perfect for single users. However, if you have a small business, you can go with the Starter Plan. It will cost you $99 per month. It will enable you to get five basic alerts with 5,000 mentions. Another benefit is three users.

In addition to the above, you can access the sentiment analysis and dashboard. You can also access an influencer’s dashboard with the Starter Plan. If you have a large business, you can talk to the Mention to know more about the Custom Plan. They can design the solution depending on your unique requirements.

What Makes Mention Worth Your Money?

  • Enables users to set alerts for the brand, competitors, or targeted keywords
  • Mentions from a variety of platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and forums
  • Both free and paid versions are available
  • Custom plans to meet the specific needs of users
  • Important alerts will be highlighted
  • Enables users to do some actions on given alerts
  • Easy and effective monitoring via different ways

The Mention monitoring tool is a comprehensive monitoring tool designed to help users to track those who talk about them and their brands online. There are different types of plans to meet the different needs of users. You can use the free version as well.

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What to Look for before Selecting Right Software Development Company in OKC

Whether you’re looking after a team that will design future projects from the scratch or are searching to hire a qualified team, it isn’t simple to partner with a strong tech.

There is a lot to consider when hiring a software development company in OKC, TX. Triple checking on the contractor with whom you’re planning to work over the course of a few months or years would decide whether you’d succeed or fail.

A few questions would definitely help you in making a sound decision on whether to hire a software development company or do it yourself for your future online ventures.

Quotations – Forget the pricing

This would be similar to buying Amazon or eBay products -each time after purchasing the cheapest iPhone cable, it gets broken down after a few weeks.

Same goes with purchasing services.

After selecting the cheapest offer, you’ll ultimately need to pay higher at the project’s end.


Let’s look at a few reasons?

Technological debt – A company with a poor written code, less testing, difficult to maintain or work, less documentation, etc., must be avoided.

Ownership of source code – Here you don’t need to be the owner of source code. You’ll get a bundle code or the company will offer you product licensing, despite paying for development.

Improper communication – With less experience of nearshoring/offshoring team, low development process transparency, poor English, you surely want to avoid any such service provider.

The aim is not to have the cheapest service, instead of getting the most cost-efficient one. The rule is if you’re paying less in the initial phase you’ll have to spend double or more later on.

Whether the company denies or not?

It’s better to avoid the yes claimers. You must have a straightforward partner who says ‘no’ when it’s needed.

Let’s suppose:

  • No, our team doesn’t handle Python, C#, or RoR – we only focus on the JavaScript
  • No, different tools need to be considered
  • No, don’t have this feature – it will waste your time and money.

Similar Size Company’s rule

Selecting a company similar to the one you manage has some benefits such as – you get treated like an important customer.

They’ll offer you enough attention If they’re a medium or small-sized company.

The company has to be eager for presenting its progress at the earliest. The race must end with a product demo.

This adds up speed to the development process! The developers get inspired to demo the bi-weekly/weekly outcomes of their works. Each week they feel the pressure.

Weekly demos provide influence on the process quality and development speed.

Some general questions to ask

  • What is your way of working?
  • How we’re going to communicate in a project for knowing PPP (plans, progress and problems)?
  • How to ensure we know when things aren’t going as planned?
  • What are your expectations from us and what we can expect from you in cooperation?
  • How to deliver products that match the expectations of markets?
  • Will we be connected with instant communication systems or not?

Ask the company for any recommendations and look over the internet for reviews (ex. Facebook, Google+, Facebook).

You can dig further into the local community at Meetups – know their opinions about the company. Search on LinkedIn and take suggestions from friends.

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Online Marketing in OKC – Facts You Need to Know

Online marketing leverages web-dependent channels that market the company’s products, brand, and services to targeted customers. There are top companies for online marketing in the OKC area which benefit your company to engage, convert and attract online visitors to targeted customers. It is a variant of traditional marketing which includes TV, radio, print, or billboard ads.

The primary objective of online marketing

The primary objective of online marketing is to reach their customers on platforms where potential customers come for searching, reading, socializing, and shopping online.

An online business can be expanded by reaching visitors online all over the globe. This can be done by website creation and constructing acquisition campaigns affordably. They are optimized to search engines and fine-tune to social media. Online marketing improves ROI and efficiency.

Advantages of online marketing

Online marketing measures the impact of any channel. They observe the website interaction with customers or the experience of a landing page. This helps them evaluate the potentiality of turning their visitors into paying customers. Which channels are effective at acquiring potential customers is determined.

The primary advantages of online marketing are:

  • Determines the most cost-efficient marketing channels that can get potential customers. This is done through their conversion rate of virtual visitors to potential customers.
  • Evaluate the effective channels at driving and acquiring larger lifetime customers’ value. One such example is email marketing which keeps the repeat purchases in drive mode done by the earlier customers.
  • Online marketing engages the customers through mobile apps or software that sells products for high upsell potential.

What are the potential online marketing tools?

Online marketing tools enable a company to maintain and built an online program to reach potential customers through engagement and driving content.

The techniques and methodologies employed for online marketing are:

  • Social media
  • Google Adwords
  • Email
  • SEO-Search engine optimization
  • Display advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • SEM- Search engine marketing
  • Webinars
  • Content marketing
  • Virtual events
  • A/B Testing
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Marketing automation
  • Website optimization
  • Marketing analytics
  • CMS- Content management system
  • CRM-Customer relationship management
  • PPC-Pay per click ads

How online marketing is different?

Online marketing reaches more audiences and on an online platform which helps in engaging the customer’s interest and experience. Unlike traditional marketing, where the content is put in ad form on TV or radio for display. This mode of marketing is impersonal and challenging as well. This mode of marketing targets their potential customers based on their preferences and needs. Other techniques to help improve the customer reach is through user testing, in-person conversations, and surveys. This gives an overall understanding of the user experience in their own words.

Online marketing is competitive and can get crowded too. It poses a challenge to garner visitors and turn them into their customers. With several services, companies and businesses online the competition is high. Online marketers have to build a UVP-unique value proposition to create a balance. They need a brand voice to test and thereby build strategies that promote their marketing on different channels.


Online marketing or internet marketing or Digital marketing uses marketing tools to promote, create and build company brand name, content, advertising their products, services, and other related. Companies for online marketing in OKC serve to reach potential customers through their efficient, reliable, and affordable marketing techniques.

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Videographer In OKC: 6 Tips For Hiring The Best Videographer

Looking for the best videographer in OKC? These tips will surely help you in hiring the right professional for your event!


Gone are the days of blurry and low-quality camcorder videos, you can now record your special moments in crystal clear quality and store them in your PCs or hard drives. All you need to do is hire a filming expert or a videographer. However, selecting the right professional can become a bit challenging. With that in mind, here we are sharing some tips that will help you in finding a perfect videographer.


1.Have A Look At Their Recent Work 


The best way to judge the potential and skills of a person is to look at his previous work. Ask for demo reels the professional has produced recently. Ask him about the styles of videography he is specialised in. Moreover, if you have any doubts or want a particular style of videos, feel free to ask about it as well.


A good way to look at the best work of a videographer is visiting his social media profiles. You’ll get the idea of his style, the equipment he uses and the editing work he performs.


  1. Consider The Reviews / Testimonials 


Many times, videographers over-promise in order to land the clients and fail to keep the promises at the time of delivery. So, it is always best to look at his reviews and testimonials and learn what his previous clients say about him.


You can check the reviews on Google, Facebook and local business websites. Same goes with the testimonials, stay on a safer side and look for the positive testimonials.


  1. Sign A Contract 


Make sure to sign a well-written contract that says, the videographer or his firm will deliver the best quality work in a timely manner and won’t slack until you’re satisfied.


  1. Ask For Creative Pitches 


Ask the videographer what makes him stand out in the industry. What unique work he has to offer? A skilled videographer will happily make creative pitches by showing his unique filming styles, editing options, song selections etc.


  1. Ask About The Packages


Like more other services, videographers create and offer different packages for different events. These packages help the clients to get the exact results they’re looking for. Packages are both budget-friendly and satisfactory.


  1. Inquire About The Delivery Options 


Delivery is an important factor to consider when selecting the best videographer. If refers to the way in which you’re going to receive your footage or film. Most professionals have their own methods of delivery, but you can ask for the method that is more convenient to you.

Some delivery options include Hard drive, Pendrive, Dropbox, burned DVD etc.




Scheduled your event? All set to capture the special moment at the upcoming event? Use these tips to hire a videographer in OKC that understands your requirements and deliver a final product that you’ll always be proud to share, watch or keep with yourself for the rest of your life.

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Find The Best Video Production Company: How Can Video Marketing Help Small Businesses?

Marketing, as we all know, is one of the most essential parts of the business. Without proper marketing, it is impossible for you to ensure that your business is getting enough exposure and views. Nowadays, digital marketing has become immensely important for both small businesses and large businesses. Though there are different elements in a digital marketing, the latest trend is the video marketing. Video marketing is highly effective for the businesses to launch or promote their business and to gain brand awareness. The video marketing can be quite helpful to grab attention making it a perfect choice for the small business houses.

Why do you need to hire a video production company?

There are many benefits of the video marketing. Each of these benefits is itself a reason for hiring the best video production company. Let us look at the pros of video marketing:

  1. Increased brand awareness

Video can grab attention, at least more than a text or a photo. If the video is really great, people will watch the entire video and know more about the business. Also, having a good story will make them share the video on social media. This chain of watching and sharing can help your business to gain more exposure. This can increase the brand awareness among the target audiences.

  1. Share your story

Every business has a story and sharing the same with people can make them feel more close to you. You will need to hire a video production company to make sure that they produce the video in the best way possible. People need to connect with the video.

  1. Perfect script to build trust

The video production companies help in writing down a beautiful and relatable script that can attract the customers and viewers. When the video shares what is really needed, the people can trust the brand. They will feel more connected and the business will gain more credibility.

  1. Boost the engagement

Video marketing can help you in boosting the engagement. The video production company tries hard to bring up a perfect strategy, script and video method to engage as many viewers as possible. Also, people will share, comment and like your videos on social media if they really like it. In this way, you can engage with your customers and make sure that they know what you are up to.

  1. Convey information more efficiently

Another benefit of video marketing is that you can convey your information about the business or your goals much more efficiently. Some information cannot be expressed in words or pictures. The video can depict emotions and something beyond just words.

Final Words

For all these benefits of the video marketing, you will need to hire the best in class video production company in OKC. Moreover, their experience and expertise in the field of video production can help you a lot. Producing an entire video involves a lot of work and if you are well-trained or experienced in that genre, you will not be able to create it.

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