All about Social Media Listening and the Reasons to Do It

Imagine a world where business is just easy as a piece of cake. You take a walk in the garden; a business idea pops up in your mind. You launch your product and it’s done. Now, since it is in the market, people buy it. All you have to do is sit near your fireplace and watch your account fill with money. What a wonderful thing it would be! Sorry, to blow the bubble, but it is all fictitious!


The real business world is full of challenges, challenges that you can hardly imagine.

You have to put in your best efforts for your business to succeed. At the end of the day, it is the customer who decides which product to buy. So, if you want to up your business by taking the feedback of the customers and catering to their needs then social media listening is the tool. In layman’s terms, social media listening is watching what your present and potential clients talk about you on social media. This can help you to convert this information into smart marketing strategies to enhance your business.


By performing the activity of social listening, you can give your current and potential clients what they require. You can also come up with unique ideas and improve your customer satisfaction. Customers usually like it when brands respond. Here are a few reasons to start social media listening.


Responding is the way


Customers like it when you respond. Customers like their voices to be heard and the best way is to respond. Research says that 85% of people like it when brands respond to their queries. 70% of them like it when brands join them in conversations. Being active and responsive on digital media makes you stand apart.


You can track the growth


By being an active social media listener, you can track the growth of your brand. When you encounter difficult situations in your business, it is normal to see a heap of negative comments. You can take a note of it through social media listening and also find out if this has reduced the number of followers. If so, you can also think about serious measures to restore the image of your brand.


Carve out a new path


Being a social media listener helps you carve a new path and explore new opportunities. Too many negative comments or positive comments can help you look for a new possibility. Imagine you run online tutoring and clients complain about lack of attention to every student, you can explore the possibility of extending the number of batches. This way you can provide better quality to customers.


Improves your prospects


Those who follow you are not just your customers, Some people follow you simply because they like the content. So, being a social media listener helps you to reach far and also acquire new customers. This helps you identify your potential customers and redesign your strategy if required.


Some tools to use: Hootsuite, sprout social, HubSpot.

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