Rick Roman & The Synthetic Machine some bio

Band History:

Rick started playing guitar when he was about sixteen, around 1966. Back then it always seemed he was playing in some band playing at schools and parties. Then he went to Chicago to go to Wilbur Wright College, majored in music and joined a brass band, that was cool for a while but Rick did not want to become a music teacher. So he came home and married a beautiful girl, and formed a band, that was in 1968. Now he could work on his ambition to make it big somehow. After that, it seemed like each band lasted about 8 or 9 months then he was in another one.

Then Rick met Paul a drummer who had the same ambition as he, they hit it off pretty good and they found Berry a bass player and called themselves “AD”. They began to tape their music and write songs as they gave it their all, but they just ended up playing bars and clubs. At that time Rick started drinking and smoking allot of weed, yes this was back in 1971. By the time 1972 came, all their hopes and dreams just came to and end and Rick found himself becoming spiritually hungry. By this time Rick’s life was falling apart because he was always high. Music became meaningless and empty and no longer could Rick just play for the therapy of his soul.

Rick had some friends who were heavy into drugs and they were all of a sudden carrying bibles and talking about Jesus. Rick always thought he had an open mind about things, so he would listen to what they had to say. One of them told him that we all have an empty space inside that is meant for God and we try to fill it up with everything else but Him. So why don’t you give God a chance to prove Himself to you, go home and start reading the Gospel of John, before you read, pray and ask God to show Himself to you. Well, Rick did just that and to his surprise God began to speak to him through the bible and to make a long story short, Rick gave himself to Jesus Christ in 1972. Rick’s empty space inside became filled with the Holy Spirit and he found that he no longer had a need for drinking and smoking weed. Jesus began cleaning up his life and giving direction with His power. After Rick was born again everything began to make sense and his music began to take on a purpose. He felt like his music was no longer just for selfish reasons, now he could tell people about his experiences with God and the things God was speaking to him about. Rick says: I was dead but now I am alive. He was still playing Rock but it was about the true Rock which is Christ. He joined a band called ” Harvest ” a local group and played with them from 1973 to about 1976 playing and giving testimony.

Then the Lord told him to lay it down for a while and learn to be a family man, so he sold all of his equipment and got a job. Then somebody gave him an acoustic guitar and he used it to write songs that he was impressed to write. Then in 1988 he built a little home studio with his son Rick Jr.. Rick felt a green light from the Lord to began recording the songs he wrote. The first CD” Let God Arise ” under the name of Raw Dog was born. Two other brothers Bernie Hahn and Robert Schwartz joined Rick after the first CD. During this time the band “Raw Dog” which is now called “Christian Raw Dog” was the three and they put out three more CD’s “Let God Be God”, “God War” and “Different Faces” and the fellowship was great. Those days lasted until 1996 when winds and circumstances changed for the three and they went there separate ways. Raw dog came to an end.

About this time something tragic happened. Rick’s daughter was killed in a boating accident. He sold his guitar and some other stuff and did not play for the rest of that year. Then on New Years night, Rick had a desire to go to prayer and as he was praying in his little studio, spotted his son’s keyboard and went over and started playing on it. He felt the Lord was giving him a peace that this was what he was to do. Then Rick started a new project and called it “Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine”.

May the Lord bless you as you listen.