All about Social Media Listening and the Reasons to Do It

Imagine a world where business is just easy as a piece of cake. You take a walk in the garden; a business idea pops up in your mind. You launch your product and it’s done. Now, since it is in the market, people buy it. All you have to do is sit near your fireplace and watch your account fill with money. What a wonderful thing it would be! Sorry, to blow the bubble, but it is all fictitious!


The real business world is full of challenges, challenges that you can hardly imagine.

You have to put in your best efforts for your business to succeed. At the end of the day, it is the customer who decides which product to buy. So, if you want to up your business by taking the feedback of the customers and catering to their needs then social media listening is the tool. In layman’s terms, social media listening is watching what your present and potential clients talk about you on social media. This can help you to convert this information into smart marketing strategies to enhance your business.


By performing the activity of social listening, you can give your current and potential clients what they require. You can also come up with unique ideas and improve your customer satisfaction. Customers usually like it when brands respond. Here are a few reasons to start social media listening.


Responding is the way


Customers like it when you respond. Customers like their voices to be heard and the best way is to respond. Research says that 85% of people like it when brands respond to their queries. 70% of them like it when brands join them in conversations. Being active and responsive on digital media makes you stand apart.


You can track the growth


By being an active social media listener, you can track the growth of your brand. When you encounter difficult situations in your business, it is normal to see a heap of negative comments. You can take a note of it through social media listening and also find out if this has reduced the number of followers. If so, you can also think about serious measures to restore the image of your brand.


Carve out a new path


Being a social media listener helps you carve a new path and explore new opportunities. Too many negative comments or positive comments can help you look for a new possibility. Imagine you run online tutoring and clients complain about lack of attention to every student, you can explore the possibility of extending the number of batches. This way you can provide better quality to customers.


Improves your prospects


Those who follow you are not just your customers, Some people follow you simply because they like the content. So, being a social media listener helps you to reach far and also acquire new customers. This helps you identify your potential customers and redesign your strategy if required.


Some tools to use: Hootsuite, sprout social, HubSpot.

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How Bone Marrow Transplant Can Help In Curing AML?

Acute Myelogenous Leukemia or AML is a kind of blood cancer that grows at a faster speed. In this condition, your body makes improperly developed and detrimental stem cells to form blood. In the process, these cells grow quickly and stop the marrow from generating platelets, normal cells of white blood, and red blood. Your body fails to stop bleeding or fight infections with a lesser number of healthy cells of the blood. In this situation, doctors usually suggest for AML bone marrow transplant. The information provided here under can help you to know more in this regard.

Working of AML bone marrow transplant

Patients with AML can be treated with AML bone marrow transplant or transplant of blood stem cells. This treatment helps in replacing the unhealthy and improperly developed stem cells that form blood to cure the problem of AML.

Allogeneic transplant is the most commonly used transplant method for treating AML. In this method, healthy cells to form blood, donated by some donor, are used to replace unhealthy cells patients have in their body. A member of the family of the patient, blood from the umbilical cord, or an unrelated donor can donate these healthy blood-forming cells. These new cells help in making healthy cells of blood by traveling inside your bones.

It may take a few weeks to months to complete the entire process of AML bone marrow transplant starting from radiation or chemotherapy until the discharge of the patient from the hospital. While recovering at home or in a hospital the patient has to follow the instructions of his doctor for many months to come.

When should you visit a doctor for this transplant?

You should visit a doctor for a bone marrow transplant immediately if:

  • There are no symptoms of any disease and the risk of relapse of the diseases is low
  • You are suffering from AML due to the disease of MDS or myelodysplastic syndrome you already have
  • You have AML due to some other treatment like chemotherapy for some other health problem
  • The problem cannot be reduced by the initial chemotherapy
  • The age of your child was less than 2 years when he was diagnosed with this problem.

What to expect from a transplant doctor on your first appointment?


When you are diagnosed with AML then you must contact a transplant doctor as soon as possible even if an AML bone marrow transplant is not suggested by now. This transplant at an early stage can improve the chances of recovery of the patients.

Your transplant doctors will do a few things at your first appointment like:

  • Study your medical history
  • Discuss your treatment options with you
  • Discuss benefits and risks of AML bone marrow transplant with you
  • Recommend you the best time for preparing you for a transplant
  • Start searching for a donor for you even if you are not going to have a transplant immediately. It can help you in getting a transplant quickly whenever required in the future.

Thus AML bone marrow transplant can help in treating the problem of AML effectively if the patient is prepared for it well in time.

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How Assisted Living Works in Great Neck NY

The event of widespread pandemic COVID-19 all over the world has compelled us to think again about the ways of living and working for the safety of families worldwide. In Great Neck, New York several Assisted Living Facilities like Atria have been developed not only to maintain engagement and connection important for the well being of families but also to combat this fatal pandemic virus infection. They are also serving communities at various other locations including Little Neck, Sands Point and Port Washington, etc.

Assisted Living Facilities in and around Great Neck

In the area of Great Neck and its nearby area, there are 23 Assisted Living facilities of which 2 are in the Great Neck and rest in the nearby areas. In Great Neck, the average monthly cost of Assisted Living facilities is around $5,200 which is somewhat higher than the average national cost of $3,450.

If you are searching for Assisted Living in Great Neck, NY then you can find reviews of almost 150 users of these facilities in this area. The consumers of Assisted Living facilities in the Great Neck area have rated them 4.4/5 on average which is not bad on its own.

Atria Park an Assisted Living in Great Neck, New York

Atria Park is an Assisted Living facility of Great Neck New York that is located in the heart of the village Atria Park. This lively community has been modified for the active old people who want to live a life without any compulsion of maintaining a home and spend more time in community living facilities. The apartments and common areas will be completely renovated by the arrival of the summer season.

In this Assisted Living facility, every day provides you an opportunity to experience happiness and comfort in a greater way. In this area you can expect a few things in the future like engaging events, meals prepared by chefs, support from professionals, connecting with neighbors and friends, and 24/7 caring staff including on-site licensed nurses nearby you. You can also expect improved supportive services like the management of diabetes etc. in this facility.

This Assisted Living facility will also include a walking club to help people living in it to have a stroll in the morning. They can also run an art class to help people in exploring their creative skills. In this way, this facility will allow all people to relax in their attractive apartment as well as attend outings in the city Atria as per your liking.

Life Guidance by Memory Care

Atria Park in Great Neck, New York also offers Life Guidance for people facing the challenges of various long-lasting health conditions like Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease under the guidance of the Memory Care program. In this way, Atria Park has thought of featuring the program of memory care to secure the environmental structure by engaging specifically trained staff on a daily basis.

Thus, Assisted Living facilities in Great Neck NY are working effectively to improve the living of the families at the time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Brian and Kutania

Brian and Kutania began their musical journey together as Christian Alternative artist in Atlanta, Georgia in 1997. After years of some success and some disappointments, Brian and Kutania became still before the Lord and waited for direction. Brian eventually learned to play the bass guitar, and Kutania is a seasoned tambourine player. During this season, God graced them with brand new material that fit the CCM genre.  Waiting on clear direction proved to pay off with a wealth of songs birthed out of knowing no matter what comes their way, God is sovereign.

Currently, Brian and Kutania are youth worship leaders at Grace Fellowship Church in Snellville, GA. Their passion is to reach today’s young generation.

After a time of worship someone approached them and stated, “ Brian and Kutania when the two of you lead worship it is not a performance, but you actually invite us to go into the presence of God!”  The same invitation is extended on Brian and Kutania’s newly released self-titled CD. They look forward to sharing the message in their music to a broader audience. Brian and Kutania are available for ministry events.

In 1990, Brian Ingram came to Atlanta Georgia from Tuskegee Alabama, heavily involved in music and entertainment.  Kutania Ingram is a native of Atlanta Georgia. She grew up singing “Gospel music” with her family. Brian and Kutania met in 1993 through a mutual friend, and four years later became husband and wife. Brian and Kutania are strong songwriters and love to create music together as a marriage team. Brian and Kutania’s faith is in the teaching of Jesus Christ, and their desire is for this faith to come alive in the lives of many through the ministry of music. Being that 1 out of every 2 marriages end in divorce in and out of the church, they hope to encourage couples to stay together. They have been married for 14 yrs, and with that they can give some insight into holding on even through tough times. The beauty of their union is that it is God inspired and God led.


In spite of my mother’s noble attempts to bribe me when I was little, by allowing me to order something from the Avon catalog if I had a good report from my piano teacher, I am what you might call musically illiterate!  I don’t read music…I hear it.  I can chord on the piano a little; enough to find a tune to go with what’s in my head.  I can still hear my mother now when I was suppose to be practicing my lessons, “Shelleen Sue, that is not the song you are suppose to be working on!”  No, I was writing my own!  My brother, the self-taught musician, whom I affectionately call my “Simon Cowell”, says that I play drums on the piano!  Admittedly, he is correct, and although I wish I was, I am no musician.

When I was a kid, whenever I felt intense emotion, be it good, bad, or ugly, I wrote a poem about it.  Sometimes I couldn’t write as fast as the words would come.  Writing poetry was an emotional outlet for me.

About four years before the release of my album, “Rough Tracks”, I had written about that many songs; just silly little songs; nothing special.  I was in my church choir, but probably sang about five solos in my whole life….including the time I played Naaman’s wife in my 5th grade musical!  Over the next year and a half, however, I wrote about forty!  I went through a season of deep emotional pain as I experienced what I can only describe as my whole world being knocked off its axis.  I found myself coping through prayer, reading God’s word, and dumping my raw emotions at my grandmother’s out-of-tune, broken-keyed piano in my drafty, little, rented, Pennsylvania farmhouse living room. I love the Psalms because David was comfortable enough with God to express how he felt no matter what the emotion.  When he was joyful, he was jubilant!  When he was hurting, he candy coated nothing. When he was angry, he had an attitude!  He candidly expressed his feelings to his Lord with freedom, passion, and honesty.  I absolutely relate to that.

I titled my album “Rough Tracks” because the road I traveled that brought the music out of me was exactly that.  Also, because I had never done this before, and like me, my music was rough around the edges. Thankfully, God placed me into the hands of my producer, Matt Goss, an incredibly talented artist who did an amazing job at capturing my emotion with the music and polished up my songs to sound as cool as they did in my head.

What’s so amazing to me about all of this is that I never set out to do it!  I was just “sing’in” in my living room, spending time with God…healing.  It all got started by a few random invites to sing, never having offered!  People kept saying, “I want your CD, and all I could say is, “But I don’t do this!”  It’s mind-blowing and humbling to see how God, in His mercy, has turned “what was meant for evil” to not only my good, but the good of others, and His glory!

Although my writing began in a time of grief and pain, it didn’t end there.  I believe you will not only be entertained, but more importantly, my prayer is that you can relate to the honesty of my emotions, and be inspired. You will hear the heart of a woman, who thankfully responded to her pain by letting go of the reigns of her life and falling back into the arms of Jesus, experienced comfort, healing, restoration, and unspeakable joy.

This CD is really my testimony, and evidence I present to you of a loving Savior.  My vision for this album is to point people to Him, and my prayer is that the music will do for others what it did for me…  Helped me heal, worship, rejoice, and honestly express and release how I felt inside….just like my poetry…. be it good, bad, or ugly.

Rick Roman & The Synthetic Machine some bio

Band History:

Rick started playing guitar when he was about sixteen, around 1966. Back then it always seemed he was playing in some band playing at schools and parties. Then he went to Chicago to go to Wilbur Wright College, majored in music and joined a brass band, that was cool for a while but Rick did not want to become a music teacher. So he came home and married a beautiful girl, and formed a band, that was in 1968. Now he could work on his ambition to make it big somehow. After that, it seemed like each band lasted about 8 or 9 months then he was in another one.

Then Rick met Paul a drummer who had the same ambition as he, they hit it off pretty good and they found Berry a bass player and called themselves “AD”. They began to tape their music and write songs as they gave it their all, but they just ended up playing bars and clubs. At that time Rick started drinking and smoking allot of weed, yes this was back in 1971. By the time 1972 came, all their hopes and dreams just came to and end and Rick found himself becoming spiritually hungry. By this time Rick’s life was falling apart because he was always high. Music became meaningless and empty and no longer could Rick just play for the therapy of his soul.

Rick had some friends who were heavy into drugs and they were all of a sudden carrying bibles and talking about Jesus. Rick always thought he had an open mind about things, so he would listen to what they had to say. One of them told him that we all have an empty space inside that is meant for God and we try to fill it up with everything else but Him. So why don’t you give God a chance to prove Himself to you, go home and start reading the Gospel of John, before you read, pray and ask God to show Himself to you. Well, Rick did just that and to his surprise God began to speak to him through the bible and to make a long story short, Rick gave himself to Jesus Christ in 1972. Rick’s empty space inside became filled with the Holy Spirit and he found that he no longer had a need for drinking and smoking weed. Jesus began cleaning up his life and giving direction with His power. After Rick was born again everything began to make sense and his music began to take on a purpose. He felt like his music was no longer just for selfish reasons, now he could tell people about his experiences with God and the things God was speaking to him about. Rick says: I was dead but now I am alive. He was still playing Rock but it was about the true Rock which is Christ. He joined a band called ” Harvest ” a local group and played with them from 1973 to about 1976 playing and giving testimony.

Then the Lord told him to lay it down for a while and learn to be a family man, so he sold all of his equipment and got a job. Then somebody gave him an acoustic guitar and he used it to write songs that he was impressed to write. Then in 1988 he built a little home studio with his son Rick Jr.. Rick felt a green light from the Lord to began recording the songs he wrote. The first CD” Let God Arise ” under the name of Raw Dog was born. Two other brothers Bernie Hahn and Robert Schwartz joined Rick after the first CD. During this time the band “Raw Dog” which is now called “Christian Raw Dog” was the three and they put out three more CD’s “Let God Be God”, “God War” and “Different Faces” and the fellowship was great. Those days lasted until 1996 when winds and circumstances changed for the three and they went there separate ways. Raw dog came to an end.

About this time something tragic happened. Rick’s daughter was killed in a boating accident. He sold his guitar and some other stuff and did not play for the rest of that year. Then on New Years night, Rick had a desire to go to prayer and as he was praying in his little studio, spotted his son’s keyboard and went over and started playing on it. He felt the Lord was giving him a peace that this was what he was to do. Then Rick started a new project and called it “Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine”.

May the Lord bless you as you listen.

Constant Recourse

“Are you ready to go back to real life?” Wrapping up nine months of missions work in Australia, this was a common question for Ben Mell, songwriter for Philadelphia-based Constant Recourse. His time in missions emphasized giving and sharing life, discovering truth, and challenging self-centeredness. In a way, that life seemed more real than the often superficial life at home. “I don’t think that’s the right question” he responded. “Instead, I more often wonder: How can I bring this real life to the stagnant life I’m used to?”

Since 2006, Constant Recourse has created and performed dynamic music for churches, universities, conferences and retreats, encouraging people to bring real life to their own lives. With much of American culture devoted to attention-capturing television and unrelenting headlines, our senses can become calloused towards the people around us and matters of true importance. An engaging concert can sharpen and encourage those who feel dulled or weary.

Constant Recourse layers electronic elements and inventively rhythmic drumbeats onto a solid acoustic-pop-rock backdrop, complimented by thoughtful, punchy lyrics and tight harmonies. This five-piece group develops music from earnest, vulnerable faith reflections.

While on the road, they at times lead worship just as they would back home, playing well-known songs by Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, David Crowder, Hillsong United, and others. All of their songs can be heard in their entirety at If you would be interested in having the group play at your venue, please contact Ben at or 484-995-7800.

Radio Stations at which CR has had singles Hold On and/or Nightly Amnesia played in 2009/2010:

Canada: CHSB (Bedford/Sackville, Nova Scotia); CJOA (Thunder Bay, Ontario)

USA: WAUF-LP (Auburn/Opelika, AL); KLUH-FM (AR); KJAY (Sacramento, CA); WVOF (Bridgeport, CT); WCSE & WNLN (New London County, CT); WBEL/WGCF (Paducah, KY); WSNL (Flint, MI); KLUH-FM (Poplar Bluff, MO); WGNU (St. Louis, MO); KGNM (St. Joseph, MO); KROZ (Hobbs, NM); WLIX (Long Island, NY); WCSE & WNLN (Long Island, NY); WGWG (Boiling Springs, NC); KAZRadio (Cleveland, OH); WFKJ (Gettysburg, PA); WSWV (Pennington Gap, VA); WWIP (Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA)WJWD (Madison, WI); WDOV (WV); WEMM (Huntington, WV)

Online: Life Radio; Live 365 (Christian Originals Radio & Oikeo Grassroots); Cross Driven Radio (Washington, DC); Apostle Internet Radio ( Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX); Real Country RCR (Japan); Warriors of the Cross (Natchitoches, LA); Bethel Radio (Dayton, OH); Radio for Life;;

UK: Branch FM 101.8 (Dewsbury, West Yorkshire); World Outreach Radio; Northern Ireland (

Peru: Z Station (Lima)

Samoa: KNWJ (Showers of Blessing FM)

CR was selected in the nationwide Band With A Mission Competition and showcased at Nashville’s Rocketown. The band then released its first album, Something Brighter, in July 2006 and played shows locally through the fall to promote it. The following year, Constant Recourse participated in the 2007 Emergenza International Music Competition and finished in 5th place among the 180 participating bands in the Philadelphia area. Immediately following Emergenza, the band played venues in the summer 2007 Extreme Tour, which took them as far West as New Mexico.

Constant Recourse released their second album, REMAIN, in 2009. The band is currently booking and playing many local venues. Recently, one new song, “Nothing to Live For,” was featured on a special edition compilation album called “Philly Rockers For Life” featuring 25 local Philadelphia bands.

To contact Constant Recourse, please e-mail Ben Mell at or call (484)-995-7800.

Ben Mell – Vocal, Electric Guitar
Jessica Mell – Vocal
Matt Gore – keyboard
Luke Patterson – Drums
Rob Bell – Bass Guitar

Remain (2009) – full length album
Philly Rockers for Life (2007) – compilation
Something Brighter (2006) – full length album

Christian Raw Dog

Bernie Hahn – Robert Schwartz – Rick Roman
Rick started Raw Dog with the Lord’s help back in 1988 with a cassette tape called “Let God Arise“. Rick’s attitude was to see if there was anyone who would be spoken to thru the song’s the Lord gave him thru the years. The cassette tape was done in his home studio on a Fostex X-3 Multitracker cassette recorder and mixed down on a Panasonic stereo cassette deck 635. When Rick started that project, he had no idea that he was going to continue recording, he just had a desire to record something that day in a little space in the shed that Rick Jr. his son was recording in. Equipment being barely sufficient but adequate enough to satisfy his desire, he put together some chords and the song Let God Arise was born. When he was finished, he was blessed. That day a desire and a freedom was born in him to start recording all the material the Lord had previously given. After the first tape “Let God Arise”, two more brothers Bernie Hahn and Robert Schwartz had a desire to play and their addition just added more of a depth to what was being said and performed. The songs that they added just fit together to form more of a balanced expression of truth. ” Let God Be God” was recorded and from there it felt like a green light and a wonderful blessing of fellowship was born. Then came ” God War ” Raw Dog 3, which is raw dog spelled backward. An amazing observation by Robert Schwartz. During these days God knit their hearts together for a common purpose and expression. The last tape called ” Different Faces was recorded and was the last tape the boys did. Since then the tapes have been converted into CD’s and the band is now called “Christian Raw Dog”.

The little home studio was called Roman Recordings

Andrea Lane

Andrea Lane- Biography

John Lennon meets Sioxisie and the Banshees for tea on a spiritual retreat. This is inspirational rock. Singer/composer Andrea Lane got her start in the heavy punk and grunge music of the late 1990’s. She fronted several bands including the popular L.A. band, ‘North Green’ from 2001-2004.Her focus now is on inspirational rock, a genre she coined in 2008.  She enjoys playing music in churches, prisons and schools. Agape International Spiritual Center is the place that made it possible for her to unleash this unique style of music.  It is here that Andrea is based and calls her spiritual home.

Andrea’s songs of hope, love and freedom push the limits of Inspirational Music.Her latest solo project ‘Churches and Prisons’ is a 10 song labor of love inspired by those contradictory bounds we call freedom and bondage.Andrea has songs out on Cleopatra Records, Independent Records, as well her own label, OhMyGod Productions. North Green’s EP entitled 7 Deadly songs was independently released in November 2004 and has 8 song placements on The Gilmore Girls, a popular WB television show. Their music was also featured on the LTN cable network.

Her independently released EP entitled “Blessings” and her CD  Churches and Prisons  are available at CD Baby  and  The Agape Quiet Mind Bookstore  .She has enjoyed regular radio play in Kentucky, her hometown (hay 98.3), on the internet (Bounce Radio, One Vibration Radio and more).

Andrea Lane is inspiration on the edge.

Rick Roman says

Hello, Think you guys have a great format in how you are doing things. I don’t say this because you are playing some of our music. I say this because I like the way you have scripture readings and a great mixture of music. Keep up the good work. God is good. May the Lord bless you and grant you wisdom.