The Right Way to Have Bathroom Remodeled in OKC

In small and confined spaces such as bathrooms, every minute detail matters.  With the right combination of tile work, wall color, lighting and fixtures you can easily convert an old and dull looking bathroom to a stylish and lively retreat.  Proper bathroom remodel in OKC, Texas, requires well planned strategies and a fair amount of determination for getting the job finished.  Let’s know about the necessary elements required in achieving the look of a luxurious and magnificent looking bathroom.

Finalizing Budget and Planning

Adequate amount of time must be invested in learning how to professionally remodel a bathroom space. Additionally to making decisions on the decor, design, paint colors, tiles and fixtures, forming a sound budget lays the foundation for successful bathroom design. Bathroom remodeling professionals must figure out the amount required for remodeling the sink, tub, and toilet.  The main issue faced while remodeling bathrooms within a budget is to find out the amount and time you or the hired professional can spend on project.

Demolishing Old Bathroom

After you have finalized the design and budget for your bathroom you need to remove flooring, fixtures and old tiles.  While you might think of swinging your sledge hammer, you can rather use systematic and controlled demolition through the bathroom remodel in OKC, TX experts.

  • Ensure not to damage electrical or plumbing work while demolishing.
  • Close water supply for the sink, shower toilet, and tub.
  • Disconnect the sink plumbing and also remove it along with the vanity.
  • If you are going to replace the lighting fixtures, turn off the bathroom electricity while removing the lights.
  • Remove accessories like toothbrush stand, soap holder, and towel racks.

Addressing the Plumbing

  • With the bathroom square footage exposed, prepare plumbing for new fixtures.
  • Start with replacing the old toilet flange.
  • Remodel shower controls along with showerheads.
  • Install a new tub or shower pan.
  • You can run a new extension for a water line for the overhead shower or dual shower head.

Adding Blocking for the Grab Bars

  • When the walls are opened, it would be perfect to have blocking among search for ensuring support to grab bars.
  • When they don’t become a part of the remodeling project, availability of solid materials to secure such safety features, tub and stall safe time in future.

Electrical Fixtures

  • After the walls are opened it becomes simple to work on the wiring.
  • Replace a 15 amp wiring with a 20 amp circuit for accommodating electrical appliances such as hair dryers.
  • Install or relocate additional outlets – search app GFCI receptacles for outlets near light and water switches for lining up with vanity.
  • Move vent fan close to shower to get more efficient operation.

Close the Walls

  • Professionals must install vapor barrier and cement board in tub or shower stall areas.
  • Cement boards are moisture-resistant and are good backers for wall tiles.
  • For other bathroom walls, you can use drywalls.

Installing Tiles

  • Firstly tile bathroom enclosure or shower walls and then shift to other bathroom areas.
  • Install wall tile then work on your floor tiles.
  • For both you can use grout but ensure that you’re caulking corners. You can have grout in different colors for enhancing or making it part of the entire bathroom décor.

Installing New Toilet and Adding Accessories

  • Installation of new Toilets is quite simple, but you need to carefully consider the installation guide before anyone does it.
  • Finish the project with the installation of towel bars, switch plates, shelving installation in addition to other accessories.

It’s best to have professional support for the home remodeling in OKC job if you’re unable to get the required tools for remodeling the bathroom. Either you can rent fixtures and tools for any kind of project or you can get professional help.

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What to Expect From Concrete Contractors in Edmond OK

If you are planning to construct a concrete patio or driveway at your residential or commercial property in Edmond then you will have to search for the best concrete contractors in Edmond OK. Most of the concrete contractors in this city can meet and exceed your expectations based on their experience and expertise. They normally use their experienced professionals and the best materials to make all of your constructions including concrete patios, concrete porches, concrete driveways, and concrete foundations as well as concrete staining outstanding within your budget.

However, before hiring concrete contractors in Edmond OK you must know what services you can expect from them. Some of the services provided by some of the reputed concrete contractors in this city may include:

Residential Concrete Services: The concrete contractors you choose should be able to handle all types of concrete installation projects, big and small. They must be able to serve you if you want to replace or construct a new concrete construction at your residence like a driveway, porch or patios, etc.

Commercial Concrete Services: If you are looking for a contractor of certain concrete constructions at your commercial site then they must have experienced and knowledgeable professionals to serve you successfully. They must provide you reliable, beautiful, and durable concrete constructions at your commercial site as per your requirements.

Concrete porches and patios: If you want to improve the looks of your home then constructing a quality concrete patio or porch can be the right choice for you. The contractor your choose in Edmond must be able to provide various other types of concrete services like concrete stamping, concrete staining, and concrete extensions, etc. so that you can use their services as required.

Concrete Driveways: The looks of your home can be greatly affected by constructing a driveway. The concrete contractors in Edmond OK you choose must have the experience to construct a concrete driveway by replacing old concrete by pouring a new one. They must be able to give you a concrete driveway of your choice by using decorative concrete staining and stamping.

Concrete Sidewalks: While constructing new sidewalks that last for many years you must choose an experienced concrete contractor who understands the soil in Edmond so that concrete can be paid properly. If sidewalks are not installed properly then their strength can get affected due to the movement of the clay and changes in the temperature in Edmond.

So, the concrete contractors in Edmond OK you choose must have experience of many years for installing various types of decorative concrete surfaces including patios, driveways, porches, and sidewalks, etc. along with repair and installation of foundations and other flat surfaces. When you hire an experienced contractor then you can have peace of mind that everything will be as per your requirement and within your budget. The concrete slab repair in Oklahoma city you shortlist should be licensed and insured and provide you free quotes so that you can compare them to find the best one for you.

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Best Residential Drainage Solutions: Which Is The Best One For You?

Drainage system is an important part of your house. Without having a proper drainage system, it can be really messy with all those stagnant water in your lawn or house. If you are finding one of the best residential drainage solutions for your house, then there are such systems that you can opt for. These systems are mainly for preventing the mold growth, mildew growth, rotting of the furniture and other structural damages. Some of the types of drainage systems are:

  1. Slope drainage
  2. Subsurface drainage
  3. Surface drainage
  4. Downspout/gutter drainage

We will discuss about all these drainage solutions broadly with you so that it gets easier for your to choose the best solution for your house:

  1. Slope drainage

Slop drains mainly allow water to flow downwards from the structure with the aid of the pipes moving down a slope. Here a drainage piper is installed and then anchored into the small incline which can cause the water flow through that pipe. This will take the water away from your property or constructional structure.

  1. Subsurface drainage

The subsurface drainage is also popularly known as the French drainage. The subsurface drains are placed under the top layer of the soil for removing the excess water at the root level. These types of drains require some digging up of deep ditches for installing the underground pipes. The water from the pipe is then collected in a large collector drain which is installed right there.

  1. Surface drainage

This is the simplest of all the drainage solutions available. In this drainage system, a shallow ditch is dug in a parallel pattern which mainly acts as the canal for draining the water. These ditches can lead the water into a main drain which can avoid the flooding and pooling of water.

  1. Downspout/Gutter drainage

This downspouts or gutter drainage can collect the water from the gutter and then divert it to the different area. This drainage system is typically connected to the gutter system on the building. It carries away the water from the roof straight down to the ground.

All these four types of drainage solutions are popular and important. They are often used for different or varied needs. While the gutter drainage solution is installed for collecting water from the roof gutters, the others are used for lawn or in-house needs. You need to contact the right drainage experts who can tell you about which solution will be ideal for your house.

Final Words

The drainage solutions can differ from one house to another. No two drainage needs are similar. Hence, it is obvious to choose one of the best drainage solutions for your house. You have to understand that the drainage systems are mandatory and choosing the perfect one is also essential. You need to make sure that you are connecting with the best drainage solution expert in Oklahoma City who can guide you properly about the right drainage solutions for your home. Make sure that the expert is experienced and efficient in his profession.

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Why To Hire A Professional Construction Expert Witness?

If you own a construction business and your company is involved in any litigation related to the construction injury or accidents, then you will need an expert. Here, you will need a construction expert witness for dealing with this type of litigations. Hiring a professional expert will increase the chance of successfully dealing with the complex legal scenarios. These construction experts are the ones who have an in-depth knowledge of the construction and a great experience in the same industry. Are you thinking about why to hire such an expert? Well, read on to know more.

Reasons to hire a construction expert witness

  1. Offers clear explanations for the scientific process

In the construction industry, there are many standard practices that go around. But without having a proper scientific background, it is quite difficult to understand. You need someone who will understand the complexities of the different methodologies related to construction. It can also be quite challenging to have any proper productive litigation without the presence of the construction expert witness. During the litigation procedure, these experts can break down any key terms or the concepts that can make them understand.

  1. Familiar with the practices in the industry

It is extremely important to have someone who is impartial and has worked in the same industry for the testifying during the litigation. With the help of the construction expert witness, many unbiased data and information will be brought to the table that will help the judge to take a fair decision. These experts can testify about the scheduling practices, estimates, standards of safety and care and many other critical incidents.

  1. Provide specialized information about the same

Just like any other industries, there are different types of specialized careers and projects too when it comes to construction industry. You need someone who is specialized in the specific type of construction projects that you are dealing with. They can provide you with the specialized information about the construction projects that are presently ongoing.

  1. Experience and expertise matters

No matter what, you will always need a construction expert witness for the litigation processes in the construction business. This is simply because of their experience as well as expertise in the same field. They can help you to get the best idea about everything. They have plenty of knowledge which can help you to get the best result.


The construction business can be a tough one. there are some major concerns related to the safety and injury issues. To deal with all these and to testify for any legal cases against your construction business, you will need a qualified and experienced construction expert witness Oklahoma City. They can offer their experience and knowledge regarding that specific area to help the court in taking fair decisions. They are unbiased in nature and will give the right information completely based on facts and data. You need to find the best construction expert witness who can be efficient. They can be essential for different issues ranging from planning, permission, insurance claims, boundary disputes etc.

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