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Canadian born, Brenda Janz, recently released her first solo album “You Carry Me”. As an immensely gifted singer and passionate communicator she has been an inspiration and blessing to many in concerts and various recordings over the years.Her voice is not unfamiliar to a broad audience, and is most notably recognized by her duet with Brian Doerksen in the song “The River” from the CD & DVD “Today” (Integrity), as well as many others. Produced by Philip Janz (Brian Doerksen, Kathryn Scott, Andy Park), these 12 mostly self-penned compositions are sure to bring comfort and encouragement in the midst of everyday “life” challenges with songs like “Mama’s Prayer”, “Solid Ground” and “Treasure of my heart”.In Brenda’s own words:“This CD was ultimately born from accounts that have shaped my life, right from the early years. The title of this project gives testimony to that equation: ‘You Carry me’.”What others are saying:”For almost 20 years, Brenda has moved me as a singer and worshipper . . . but to finally hear a whole CD with her is an amazing treasure! She sings her story with passion and moved me to tears with her powerful voice and words of truth. Like good wine served at just the right time, ‘You carry me’ will delight all who listen!”Brian Doerksen Songwriter, Recording Artist ”Captivating vocals. Inspiring lyrics. I wake up in the night with these majestic songs playing through my mind. And I smile.”Phil Callaway Author and “Brenda Janz has the kind of voice that makes you say ‘I wish I could sing like that.’ A wife, a mom, and a veteran worship leader who brings all that to her latest musical offering, Brenda delivers honest, unpretentious songs from a tested and faithful heart.”Paul Baloche Songwriter, Recording“Brenda has one of the most intensely beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. She sings with a passion for both Jesus, and the broken, in a way that will touch your heart in profound ways. Her writing is personal, yet inclusive. Her delivery is powerful, yet intimate. ‘You carry me’ is a beautiful album – an album you’ll come back to time and again.”Kathryn Scott Songwriter, Recording

Brenda was born in Halifax (Nova Scotia) and spent her growing up years in the beautifully Canadian maritimes! She moved to British Columbia at age 19, and several years later, on to Hong Kong where she was to spend her next 4 years working with St. Stephen’s Society (Jackie Pullinger).During that time, she learned to speak Cantonese as well as play the acoustic guitar! She led worship within the community and also served in other areas of the ministry (ie. people coming off drugs and finding a new life in Jesus).In 1988, a team from the Langley Vineyard in Canada (Brian Doerksen, Gary Best, and others) came to Hong Kong to lead worship/teach and also learn. It was at that time that Brenda met the team from the Langley Vineyard and would later forge long-standing relationships.Brenda moved back to BC, Canada in 1989 and got involved with the Langley Vineyard. During these fruitful years, some of her best memories were found in serving at the local food bank that was run out of the Vineyard at that time.She also traveled a lot with Brian Doerksen and sang on many music productions, which has continued on to this day. Although she has immensely enjoyed her travels and various music endeavors, she finds her greatest joy in serving at home, and in other various local settings (prison, recovery house, church).She currently lives in Mission, BC, Canada with her husband and 3 children (Jonas, Noah and Rebecca). She has also been busy homeschooling over the last 6 years. Much of Brenda’s involvement of the various productions that her husband has produced & worked on, has revolved around good food, which she cooks!!!!! Yes, she LOVES to cook!! Here and there, in between watering the garden or teaching a math lesson, she’s happy to pop in the studio and sing on somebody’s CD production.

-A note from Brenda:”This CD was ultimately born from accounts that have shaped my life, right from the early years. The title of this project gives testimony to that equation: “You Carry me”.To be honest, I’ve never really had big dreams to record my own album. But what I have always found myself doing, without really giving it much thought, is singing!Song has always been the most natural way of expressing my feelings to God. So it made sense for me to sing about grief, joy, gratitude & relationships; singing through every season of life, whether happy or sad.Over the years, I’ve written about many “life” experiences that I’ve encountered and consequently walked through, with God. It hasn’t always felt that way; there were many times where I certainly was “doing my own thing”. God is with me, still.So the album is simply a collection of prayers, reflections, and worship.I sincerely hope you, the listener, will be encouraged to draw from the Father’s presence, through these “life” songs. He is near, very near; no matter what circumstances may bring.” – Brenda JanzFor more information:http://www.brendajanz.com


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