How Bone Marrow Transplant Can Help In Curing AML?

Acute Myelogenous Leukemia or AML is a kind of blood cancer that grows at a faster speed. In this condition, your body makes improperly developed and detrimental stem cells to form blood. In the process, these cells grow quickly and stop the marrow from generating platelets, normal cells of white blood, and red blood. Your body fails to stop bleeding or fight infections with a lesser number of healthy cells of the blood. In this situation, doctors usually suggest for AML bone marrow transplant. The information provided here under can help you to know more in this regard.

Working of AML bone marrow transplant

Patients with AML can be treated with AML bone marrow transplant or transplant of blood stem cells. This treatment helps in replacing the unhealthy and improperly developed stem cells that form blood to cure the problem of AML.

Allogeneic transplant is the most commonly used transplant method for treating AML. In this method, healthy cells to form blood, donated by some donor, are used to replace unhealthy cells patients have in their body. A member of the family of the patient, blood from the umbilical cord, or an unrelated donor can donate these healthy blood-forming cells. These new cells help in making healthy cells of blood by traveling inside your bones.

It may take a few weeks to months to complete the entire process of AML bone marrow transplant starting from radiation or chemotherapy until the discharge of the patient from the hospital. While recovering at home or in a hospital the patient has to follow the instructions of his doctor for many months to come.

When should you visit a doctor for this transplant?

You should visit a doctor for a bone marrow transplant immediately if:

  • There are no symptoms of any disease and the risk of relapse of the diseases is low
  • You are suffering from AML due to the disease of MDS or myelodysplastic syndrome you already have
  • You have AML due to some other treatment like chemotherapy for some other health problem
  • The problem cannot be reduced by the initial chemotherapy
  • The age of your child was less than 2 years when he was diagnosed with this problem.

What to expect from a transplant doctor on your first appointment?


When you are diagnosed with AML then you must contact a transplant doctor as soon as possible even if an AML bone marrow transplant is not suggested by now. This transplant at an early stage can improve the chances of recovery of the patients.

Your transplant doctors will do a few things at your first appointment like:

  • Study your medical history
  • Discuss your treatment options with you
  • Discuss benefits and risks of AML bone marrow transplant with you
  • Recommend you the best time for preparing you for a transplant
  • Start searching for a donor for you even if you are not going to have a transplant immediately. It can help you in getting a transplant quickly whenever required in the future.

Thus AML bone marrow transplant can help in treating the problem of AML effectively if the patient is prepared for it well in time.

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